Thursday, January 24, 2008


i am sorry if my last blog made some of you upset. it was not pointed to any certain person. i am sorry i didn't explain my reasoning for my pet peeves. i guess i just need to keep my thoughts to myself. sorry that i may have offended someone or making someone feel that i was speaking of them.


Sarah said...

Should all blog posts come with a disclaimer? Here is one found on another bloggers site:

*DISCLAIMER* I am not a passive aggressive person, and I do not use my blog to drop hints. I’d hate to think I made anyone who knows me personally and who also reads this site feel self-conscious because I am aware of who reads this page and I would never be so underhanded and wussy as to tell the internet instead of you personally. The folks I’m speaking of above are people who don’t read this page, so please don’t think I mean you. You, I like. So don’t worry.

lol = )

lauratiu said...

Good find, that's a classic.