Thursday, December 13, 2007

love, learning, eagerness, togetherness, hope, compassion

love, learning, eagerness, togetherness, hope, compassion

is that part of the christmas spirit?
can the christmas spirit be an everyday thing?

i get so excited when i open my rss reader and find that one of my friends has blogged. i love to read what others are thinking and feeling. i especially love it when someone shares a store about an interaction with their children. my friend erica blogged today about her son loosing his tooth check it out here: esnod . i love it because i learn so much from others experience with their children. i hope that the things i learn i can apply with my children.
i love blogging, even if no one reads it, it gives me an outlet for my thoughts. i constantly have a lot going on in my head and it gives me a chance to get some thoughts out before i have too many thoughts going on at once.

i like snow, a lot! but i have mixed emotions of the pending snow headed this way. see saturday night is supposed to be the progressive dinner for the youth. we have close to 15 kids signed up and several saying they are bringing friends. it gives me a great sense of optimism. the fall retreat was very frustrating and caused me great discouragement. so i really don't want it to snow so that we can have the event and have fun with the kids. we have a special surprise guest planned to join us. i hope it all works out.

eli comes home tomorrow, yippee! christmas shopping is done, presents all wrapped, and cookie dough bought. we just need to have some family christmas activity time. baking, nativity play, stories read, crafts made and christmas movies watched.

i was shopping at kroger for the progressive dinner this evening. grocery shopping is quite a task with two kids and two separate shopping lists. any who, as i was putting the groceries in the car a woman emerged from the store screaming at the top of her lungs.
the little boy with her had to be maybe 5. as they walked to the car she yelled and belittled him the whole way there. i finished packing the car up and was getting ready to get in when i heard this:

"and you want me to love on you. you are out of your mind, get real."

i just wanted to cry. how can anyone talk to someone like that, especially a 5 year old.

should i have done something and if so what? do i call the cops? what do you do in a situation like that?

i am sure that was not the first time he has been spoken to, yelled at, like that. but what do you do?

i dunno.


Sarah said...

Yes lady that's what you are supposed to on him, he is 5! gesh! Oh that just breaks my heart. You and I are so much alike. We both feel the need to be compassionate and to stick up for the weak and downtrodden. What I do when I think I didn't react the right way (maybe by calling the police or whatever) is I pray. I would pray for that mother that she gets help with her anger and for that little boy that he doesn't get harmed physically or emotionally by her behavior in the meantime. Pray that maybe she kind find God.

Sarah said...

I meant can instead of kind. I didn't want to delete the whole post for one word and you know me my OCD would not let it go lol!