Wednesday, December 12, 2007

little noises

i wish i knew how to use my ihome. i am tired, exhausted really. but ever noise is keeping me awake. i waited till i was on my way to bed to put the stuff in the dryer thinking that would help drown out the little noises, nope. so here i lay trying to make myself even more exhausted so i can sleep through the little noises. i am ready for eli to be home so i can sleep. i know, that's selfish of me. i need to get over whatever this is and just go to sleep. i am doing better than i used to though. used to be when eli went out of town i would leave and go stay at a friends or something. how did i ever live in an apartment by myself? well i think i am going to try to read for a little bit.


Tersie said...

I hope you got a little bit of rest. I've been having trouble sleeping at night lately too, for many the same reasons.

ESnod said...

I hope you sleep well Jen. It is only one more night....Eli will be back, yeah!!!