Friday, December 7, 2007

does it feel like christmas?

does it feel like christmas? some years i find myself not feeling like christmas until the christmas eve service.

winter doesn't begin until the 21st, yet we have enough snow on the ground to go sledding and make snowmen and to even have a couple snow days. ellie and her friend jaiyden played in the snow yesterday. they enjoyed making snow angels together. i love the snow just not the yuckies that come with it. i think everything looks so beautiful blanketed in the innocence of white. it is a reminder of what christ has done for me.

last night we decorated our christmas tree. 98% of our presents are wrapped and under or hidden awaiting someones arrival to put them under the tree. luckily i had 60% of my shopping done before december hit. i love to give people presents. i love to get someone something i know they will enjoy. but why does that seem to be the focus of christmas. i have entertained the thought of just gifting things in our loved ones names. but people expect so i feel the need to deliver. world vision has a whole catalog of things you can gift to other countries and even here in the us in your loved ones names. cows, goats, pigs, food, clothing, bibles, medicine, ect... i could help someone who doesn't have half of what we have with the money i spend on gifts.
i don't know how the ones i love would react though. some wouldn't mind and would be grateful that a family has food to eat or warm clothes to wear. i think others would be mad. and i don't know what my reaction would be. i love to get gifts! would i be disappointed or have joy that someones life is better. i would like to say that i would have joy but i don't know that i would , i think i would have a hint of disappointment.
i just feel like christmas has been a competition about who gets what and how much. why can't we just love each other and keep jesus the center of it all. i don't know. just rambling.

maybe because of the long list of have to's that need to be done this time of year i don't have time to slow down and even think about christmas.

i love to listen to christmas music. these days i find myself listening to the christmas program cd over and over. they are great songs and ellie is learning a lot from them about the christmas story. but i can't wait till december 17th, sorry julie!

we made our first gingerbread house as a family last night. when i was in high school one of my friend's mom taught me how to make and build one from scratch. i may try that nest year but this year we bought a kit. it was a lot of fun. ellie really enjoyed putting the candy on and sneaking a piece or two every once in a while.

last night was a good night. we slowed down a bit and decorated the tree, built a gingerbread house, and just enjoyed some family time.

hopefully we can have some more slow down time and enjoy the tree and family time.

i want to feel like it's christmas before christmas eve.

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Sarah said...

I love the picture of the Gingerbread house. It's been like second grade since I made one...I might have to hunt down a kit.