Wednesday, November 7, 2007

vote for zach

hey all!
cnn has a contest going on right now-cnn heroes. there are 5 kids in the young wonder catagory that are up for this honor. one of them is zack hunter he wrote the book be the change. i have ready this book and his story is amazing. he is working to end world wide slavery. according to marko's blog he has raised over 10 times the amount that cnn says he has given. the 20,000 he has given is just what he himself has donated from his speaking engagements. if you want to read more about zach or simply vote for him you can go here to vote.
we only have till monday the 12th to vote for zach.
let me also add that you should look at the rest of the nominees in all the catagories. what some of these people have done and continue to do is amazing. i would love to get involved with what several of the people are doing.

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