Friday, November 2, 2007

halloween traditions

laura has inspired me to blog about how i remember halloween. my cousins would come to our house and we would all trick-or-treat together. my dad always dressed up to pass out candy. i can remember one year my mom dressed up as a man, mustache and all. When my aunt got there she didn't even recognize her, that was so funny. well after trick-or-treat we always ordered pizza. as we waited on the pizza to come we all sat at the dining room table and pour out or bags and bartered. every house in our neighborhood passed out candy and we had to have 2 bags to collect candy in.
as far as costumes go i agree with my friend laura, people just are not as creative as we used to be. we always made our costumes from woody wood pecker to a go go dancer. I have tried to start our own halloween traditions now that ellie is old enough to enjoy trick or treat. we go trick-or-treating then grab pizza at cardos. any excuse to go to cardos. what are or were your halloween traditions?

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