Tuesday, September 11, 2007

what were you doing six years ago today?

i am curious as to what everyone was doing when this all happened. i will never forget! i was in the middle of teaching the bible lesson for the day to my first grade class. i got a phone call from eli so stepped out into the hall to take it. he told me what had happened as i looked up and down the hall here came my kids parents with balloons and cupcakes. what a bitter sweet celebration. it is awesome when someone wants to celebrate your day, escpecially a bunch of loving first graders. but to celebrate in the midst of such horror and trajedy was hard. the rest of the day was spent with coloring and various useless activities. that evening eli and i found ourselves at red lobster trying to have a nice dinner to celebrate but every tv was focused on what had happened that morning. then the gas scare hit and wouldn't you know i honestly had to have gas to get home. so there i was siting for 2 hours just so i can make it home. not trying to stockpile just wanting to make it home.

so please share with me where you were and what you were doing.


Sarah said...

I was in highschool sitting in my computer class. I remember thinking it wasn't real and was horrified when I knew it was.

lauratiu said...

I was in a staff meeting at work when our office manager came in and said a plane hit the twin towers. We continued meeting as my mind vaguely tried to figure out what the "twin towers" were. When the second plane hit, the meeting was over and I started worrying about my kids at school.