Wednesday, September 12, 2007

meant to post this yesterday

i meant to post this yesterday and ran out of time. yesterday was my grandmothers birthday. we share the same birthday which was quite fun while i was growing up. and leaves me with great memories. but yesterday was also eli's grandmothers birthday. So happy birthday to our grandma's. i wish mine were here so i could celebrate with her again.


anna said...

happy birthday jenn my dear
i hope you've had a wonderful year
you've been a great friend to jor and i
although sometimes i'm not sure why
so how bout another year of chicken dip and such
i love and appreciate you ever so muchl

hope you had a good one!

Tersie said...

Oh Jenn! That is wonderful that you got to share your birthday with your grandmother. I know because I used to share my birthday with my grandpa!! It really was so special!! I miss him as well. I hope your birthday was a beautiful one and here's to many many more to come!!! With much love!!! :)