Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Sometimes it takes repeat

i was sitting in the basement of the mckell home today with 2, yes 2, sleeping children. it was 4 and my fourth load was in the dryer and the fifth in the washer and all clothes were folded. so i took a little me time. i put on some crowder on itunes and started surfing the web. the following song was the first in the play list and for some reason was on repeat. so about the sixth time thru the words caught my attention.

I've had enough
to break me in two
to tear me apart
what am i to do
what else can i do

so sing me a song
that we hum a long
at the top of my lungs
i come undone
what else can i do
what can i do

some days don't we all feel this way. lately i have been feeling like my life is a whirl wind of the same old same old at about 100mph with no organization. i need some slow down, some alone time, girl time and organization. i feel like i need a daily routine. i need order so maybe i can get things done so that once in a while i can enjoy my family and my kids instead of trying to make sure everything is done. there is so much to do and so little time to do it. i feel that you have to get the have to's done in order to enjoy and have fun.
i think i am going to try to schedule my days and give each day three chores that have to be done. then i won't have those days that i have to clean all day to get caught up. and if i have only three things to do every evening maybe i can get on the floor and play with my kids more.
the other night ellie and i were playing doctor. we would switch being the patient and doctor. it was so fun to just play with her and not worry about what i had to clean or pick up. we need more play time and less stressed and tired mommy time.
ellie loves to sing. the other night she just started belting out "the whole earth is filled with you glory lord" and that's the only part of the song she knew but she just belted it out. she isn't to the stage yet that she cares what anyone thinks she just likes to sing. i love her and envy her for that. i am always so afraid of what everyone thinks about me. when will i let that go.
sunday in church i thought i am so sick of making sure everyone is happy and pleased i am sick of being quiet but then self took over and well like a turtle i stuck my head back in my shell. it was a nice thought while it lasted.
wow i am full or random self evaluation today, sorry.
maybe some day i won't be afraid of what people think of me and i will be able to speak out and get up in front of crowds without standing there and thinking wonder what they are thinking about me. maybe someday i will be able to approach others instead of spending a year and a half getting to know someone before i can be real with them. maybe actually posting this is the beginning of not caring what others think. a lot of times i pour my heart out in emails or blogs and then never send or post them because i am afraid someone will think i am stupid or i will hurt someones feelings. hmmm


jaki good said...

jenn - i always enjoy your posts - but this one is so real and raw! i love that! you need a picture so your face will show next to your comments! do you know any good photographers? :)

Sarah said...

Been there, done that, this week in fact. I am a to do list maker...always have been always will be...and, I made my list and sighed in relief. You have a good plan!