Monday, August 13, 2012

Starting over

God gives us second chances right?? So today because of a simple pin on Pinterest we discussed second changes and started over.

For the next three weeks the kids and I are going to discuss obedience. We are going to pick a verse to go over every day and I have a Bible story for everyday. There is a section to help you create your own prayer about being obedient. The pin on Pinterest had different activities to do to reinforce obedience.

I really am hoping that this works.

So to start I talked about how God gives us second chances and we ge to start over when we mess up. I told them that just as God does that with us I am going to give them a second chance. They were given 45 minutes to put everything in it's place and start the UH OH! tub over again. I am hoping by starting over fresh new and with a empty tub that this will help.

I am going to keep the UH OH! tub but I wanted to start the next three weeks with the tub empty and new. I hope that as we discuss the stories and do the activities that they will see the importance of doing what mommy and daddy say and doing what God says.

The thing I like about this stuff I found is that it also has a parents section where you can create a prayer for you and your kids. It's a prayer for you to pray. So the kids aren't doing this on their own you have your part outside of guiding them through the activities as well.

If this works the website I found has other activities and such on different character traits. I think we will continue to do these. It can't hurt, right??

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