Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Save your self.

I was reading this article and I think over all it's a good thing.

Now I really don't want my child to be taught from someone I don't know how to put a condom on at the age of 11. So if I know it's coming I am going to show her/him all about it at home first and talk to her/him before they get hit with it at school.

But let's face reality. Kids are having sex at a very young age and my daughter will probably be in class with some of those kids. There are some kids whose parents will never ever tell them anything about their body or about sex. You say no that's not right. But the hard sad fact is that yes it's true. I can't tell you how many conversations I have had with teenage girls who say their mom has never told them about their body, and this is within the church. Let's think about all the kids who don't go to church and who don't have Christian parents who uphold the moral value of saving sex for marriage. It's going to happen. We can't expect everyone to abstain from sex. Especially when they have no moral issue with it. And some kids it's all they see or hear about and so it leads them to curiosity.

So I would much rather someone tell these precious babies how to be safe and protect themselves and maybe even give them a good reason to not have sex before marriage. I hope and pray that as they put more of these programs in the school they wont' forget about abstinence. Even if we don't all agree with it I feel like it should be taught. We don't all agree about the correct type of protection and other assorted things when it comes to the issue.

Abstinence is a choice just as everything else it.

I pray my children choose to save themselves for that special someone.

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