Saturday, January 22, 2011

Unknown Facts about me-3

I guess I am better at doing this on Saturday's instead of Friday's. Yesterday's snow day and unexpected trip to the doctor threw me off. So here we go:

I hate my hair dryer. I know it's just a hair dryer but I don't like it. I loved my last hair dyer but when it died I was too cheap to buy an identical one. The last one I found on clearance but they aren't anymore. So I will have to be content with my cheap hair dryer until it dies.

Okay so on a more serious note. I try really hard not to be materialistic. Some days it doesn't work out so well. I think I am doing better but some times I just really want something that I don't need. Like right now I really want pasta rollers and cutters for my Kitchen Aid Mixer. I could roll the dough out myself and cut it but it would just be so much easier to have those.

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