Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I love Parenthood!

Last night on Parenthood Sarah is fumbling with how to support her daughter Amber who is a Senior in High School and really trying to find her own way. Sarah sits down with Amber and says:

“When you have kids, if you have kids, there’s something you should know. A very confusing thing they don’t tell you. You see so much of yourself in them. You see your ironic take on the world. You see your smile, your laugh, and your sense of humor, whatever. And you think they’re you. But they’re not you. And they shouldn’t have all of your baggage, your fear, your insecurity, and your life experience because that’s not fair. They have their own.”

Then she tries to help her daughter spread her wings and do her thing.
I cried because it is so true.

What a beautiful moment.

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