Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Crayons and Pockets

Laundry days in this house are Mondays and Thursdays. This past Monday I was on my last load of laundry when I opened the dryer and there it was melted crayon! As I pulled the clothing out of the dryer I came to the realization of the severity of the situation. It wasn't just a clump of crayon on one or two articles of clothing. No not at all, it was all over everything! Eli lucked out! There was only one pair of shorts in that load that was his. Now for me I wasn't so lucky. I had 2 pairs of pj's, 5 shirts, and three pairs of pants. The rest of the load was a few of the kids things that couldn't fit in the first load of their clothing. Silas had 2 pair of pants from Old Navy, a dress shirt, a pair of new pj's, and 4 long sleeve t's. Ellie had a shirt and a pair of pj's, a pair of jeans and a long sleeve shirt. Lilly had her Pottery Barn sleep sac, onsies, and a pair of pj's in there. UGH, to think about it is sickening. I think the things that bother me most are Silas' pants and Lilly's sleep sac.
I quickly got online and googled to find a resolution to my problem. Well three soaks later in a solution I found online, that a lady swore her life on, only a slight change. I have 2 more things to try but at this point I am thinking it would just have been cheaper to toss the clothing and head out to Once Upon a Child or the Salvation Army and replace. Although Lilly's sleep sac cannot be replaced. Man, a $50 sleep sac! Now if you follow my blog at all you know there was no way in the world I paid $50 for the sleep sac. Nope I found it on sale for 9.99 and then an additional 10% off. But it still makes me sick.
Over the past couple days of trying to get the crayon out I have gone from panicked sick at my stomach feeling to anger. I am so angry with my self for letting this happen. What a stupid mistake, I should know better! I should have checked the pockets.
Speaking of pockets, really why do toddlers need pockets in there clothing?? Hasn't someone learned by now that it just causes problems for mommy's when there are pockets in the toddlers clothing. Oh well, my lesson has been learned.

Lesson for the week:
CHECK ALL POCKETS when doing laundry.

It's Wednesday and I am still dealing with Laundry and I haven't gotten any other chores done this week. I am so aggravated with myself and so far behind on the weekly chores.

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Jodi said...

This happened with me too, except it was 2 pens that exploded in the drier from CJ's khaki pockets. The bad part was that the load consisted of all 'lights' so I ruined both sets of our khakis due to the green splashes. I had to toss mine out and get new ones. The other clothes were mostly undershirts and light colored underwear so I didn't have to toss those since no one would be seeing those items.