Friday, January 22, 2010

How to even reflect on 2009.

As 2009 went and 2010 came in I wrestled with the thought of blogging reflections of 2009. 2009 was filled with so many negative happenings and emotions. I thought maybe an easy way to reflect on 2009 was to make a blog titled the ABC's of 2009. Well as I created it and looked back over it I decided not to publish it. It was filled with so much hurt. So I will only focus on the highlights.

January-we found out we were expecting.

July-Ellie turned 5. She was able to drink pop and chew gum.
Eli and I celebrated 8 years of marriage

September- Lilly entered our lives

December- Silas turned 3.

There were some other things that happened this year that were good. We were able to spend some time with some friends. Eli was able to go to a Youth Workers convention. We have had some good family time this year.

While I was thinking about what to say about such a negative year I was listening to Kendall Payne in the car and heard a song that just really defined 2009 for me.
It is from the soundtrack for the movie "The Rising Place"
"God Bless the Heartaches"

Many times in our lifetime our heart knows despair
and I wonder why some souls must bleed

And sometimes I question just who would be there
in my dark hour of need

life can be so uncertain with pain all around and the heartbreak is so hard to face
But for everything lost there's another found
and love seeks it's own sacred space

God bless the heartaches
that reshape the soul in return
God keep our memories
and God bless the lessons we learn

It is out of the shadow we find warm sunlight
and there wouldn't be joy without sorrow
and there'd be no warning without the dark night
cause that's just how life seems to go

God bless the heartaches
that reshape the soul in return
God keep our memories
and God bless the lessons we learn

God bless the heartaches
God bless the tough breaks
God bless the lessons we learn

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Jessica said...

I was hoping to kick off your 2010 w/ a visit from the Castos...that would make your whole year, right?! Hahaha Just kidding! But truly, ya know we were hoping for a Jan visit but since I'm not well that's definitely been postponed. Certainly, though, we could use a break, some time w/ good friends, and a fun road trip before I'm too far along too travel, so be looking for us sometime in 2010---memory making!!! I can stand to learn much from you and the heart you have for your family and others.