Thursday, December 10, 2009

Nov/Dec Savings

So I have tried to get some great deals this year when shopping for Christmas. Here is a run down of the savings I have found.

Firstly, Free trial of Amazon Prime. So I got free 2 day shipping on some gifts.

Monsters vs. Aliens- I had to get two copies as gifts I got one for 6.99 on Amazon, they would only let me buy one. The second one I got at WalMart for $9.

Old Navy- They had a great sale plus I got an extra 20% off and free shipping

Old Navy $1 scarfs

K-Mart- Buzz Lightyear wings $10 off.

Free 12 month photo calendar with free shipping

Free 8X10 wrapped canvas, I had to pay shipping on this one but it was very cheap.

Free 5X7 photo book with free shipping

Free 4X8 photo book- I had to pay shipping but that wasn't bad.

Free Sticky note pad- I had Mrs. Braden's name printed on it and am going to combine it with the next item for a teachers gift.

Free Pen- Also had Mrs. Braden's name printed on it.

Free Veggie Tales movie- I only had to pay 2.99 shipping.

50 free 5X7 photo cards w/ free shipping- I made these into some thank yous

50 free 4X8 photo cards w/free shipping. - I used these as Christmas Cards.

Free Music- I've gotten 2 free albums from iTunes, a free album from Life is Good and many free MP3's from Amazon

Food Network Magazine for a year- $10

Family Fun Magazine for a year- $5

On Craigslist I found a lot of Littlest Pet Shop. The lady told me she would sell me whatever pieces I wanted. When I go there she sold me the whole lot for the price quoted for the few items I picked out. So My mother in law is using some of the items as gifts as well. I ended up paying $37 for over $300 worth of stuff.

I think I got some amazing deals. I am going to strive in the next year to try to find bargains like these. All of the above will be used as gifts.

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