Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Are you prepared for Baby Jesus

My friend Lilly wrote a great blog about the preparation and arrival of Baby Jesus. Take a look at it here and really take a moment and think about your response.

Just having a baby I can relate to the post a lot. It made me really think about preparing for Jesus. It made me think about those who come to our church that don't have any family around and how maybe I could help them and show them love and hospitality. Everyone needs the feeling of family even when family isn't close by. Suppose that's why they call it the Family of God?? Were suppose to be one happy family, boy that goes awry sometimes. The family of God seems to be just as dysfunctional and your every day family. And yes whether you like or not every family has a bit of dysfunction. Some of worse than others but it's still there. Were not a perfect people! I guess what I am getting at is a family is suppose to be there for one another. If we are one big happy Family of God, shouldn't we be there for one another. Whether you call it family or Community, I think God has called us to more than just going to church together on Sunday mornings and acting like everything is okay. Why don't we start being honest with one another and helping one another out. We are in this together!

Anyways back to baby Jesus. Think about preparing the way for a new baby in your life and home.

What do you need to do to get ready for a baby??

What do you need to get rid of to prepare for the baby??

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