Thursday, June 18, 2009

Shopping with Silas

Yesterday Paul went to spend the day with his Grandma. So it was just Silas and I all day. After the Schwan's man came and stocked my freezer we headed to Chillicothe.
Let me just say quickly, if the Schwan's man comes your way get the funnel cake fries, AMAZING!!!

First Silas and I had lunch with Daddy. We had a good peaceful lunch and Buffalo WIld Wings. Then it was off to take daddy back to work. After daddy was back at work we headed to the Toy Store. Silas loved it. We had fun looking at toys and playing. And I got out of there with no new toys! We, I, decided I wanted to walk down to Ivy's and look at the Vera Bradley bags. I mainly wanted to check out the Baby Bag. Well on the way to Ivy's we walked by Hourglass Traditions, which is going out of buisness. Everything in the store is between 60-75% off. I wanted to go in just to see if they happened to have any Willow Tree figurines left. Instead we found some other goodies. Silas found a TY dog toy that he insisted on buying because it looked like Oscar. He hasn't put it down since we left, he even slept with it last night, a good $1.25 spent. We also found some other TY stuffed animals that we thought we needed. Silas found another dog he wanted and insisted on buying Ellie a cat. We also got Lilly a purple hippo to cuddle with. Then we found something to get Ellie for her Birthday. I had already purchased something for her months ago but I knew she would love this so we got it. I got 2 TY dolls and 6 outfits to change them into for 10 bucks. So Ellie's birthday presents are covered now. After we were done in Hourglass we headed to Ivy's. The baby bag was not what I expected. I didn't like the lining on the inside. Ivy's was having an amazing sale on the Vera's. There were select styles and patterns that were 40% off and yes I bought one for me. Maybe I shouldn't have but I did. I really like it I got the zig zag in the purple punch print, which is my new favorite print. A good day of shopping was had!!

We got daddy a special pick me up treat to get him thru the rest of the day and then we headed to the dr. I arrived there at 3:45, my appointment was at 4:10. I like to be early! I was put in a room at 4:20 and then at 5:10 they came in the room and said that the dr. had been called up to deliver a baby. ARRGGG!!!!! I could stay and wait if I wanted but they couldn't tell me how long it would be. I am not angry at the Dr. or the nurses but why would they schedule the Dr. on call appointments?? I feel like they should not keep women waiting for hours because a dr. had to go deliver a baby. There are enough dr.'s in that practice that they can have two dr.'s taking appointments and one dr. on call instead of 2 dr's taking appointments and one of those two being on call. Anyways that's my rant for the moment!

When all is said and down we had a good day that ended with Pizza and Silas trying to dance like the people on "So You Think You Can Dance." It was so cute I should have taken some video.

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