Monday, April 13, 2009

Monday, April 13th

this past weekend:
Wow what a weekend it was. I feel like my weekend started on Thursday even though I had to work on Friday. I headed to the outlet malls with some friends Thursday night, I had a great time.
Friday I worked in Chillicothe. We made Easter cupcakes this afternoon. Can I just say I did a great job, they were so yummy! Watch out Martha! Friday night we had a Tenebrae service at church. I need to remember that I can't take my kids to these things so I just need to stay at home. How sad cause I think I would have enjoyed it. Oh well I guess the joys of being a mom. Then we went home and made homemade pizza and calzones, yummy!
Saturday was the big RVCC Easter Egg Hunt. It was chilly but no complaining at least it wasn't snowing like last year. After the egg hunt I went home and edited pics and video to upload. Then it was time to start cooking. I made a Mandarin Orange Cake, Broccoli casserole, and Country Potato Bake. They were all yummy. I got a new cookbook when I went shopping and all the dishes I made came out of that.
Sunday morning started very early. Up at 4:30 to get ready. After getting some pics of the kids we were off to the sunrise service at Bristol Park. It was really chilly but the service was nice. I enjoyed it more than I did last year. We have a tradition of going to Bob Evans afterwards, yummy! Then it was home to see if the Easter Bunny stopped to see us. I really like celebrating Jesus before the Easter Bunny comes and wrecks the day with his goodies! No he doesn't wreck the day it just seems that nothing else can be accomplished after the bunny comes. We headed to church for first service. Steve's message was really good! And Worship was great! Then it was home to finish up the dishes for the in laws house. We picked up Eli and headed to his parents. Lunch was eaten and then it was time to egg hunt. I think a good day was had by all. Shew, I'm tired!

where i am:
At home watching John and Kate plus Eight while everyone plays.

what's up with Ellie:
Dance recital is coming quickly! She had a great weekend. She loved having Valerie around for cupcakes and egg hunting. Bailey helped Ellie open her eggs at the egg hunt and she had a great time with her. She is currently playing with the Tinkerbell Doll that the Easter Bunny brought her. I am hoping to get her to blog in a few about her weekend. She looked so pretty Sunday morning, I can't believe how quickly she is growing.

what's up with Silas:
Silas had an interesting weekend. He did really well at the Tenebrae service with the exception of a very loud growl. Saturday at the egg hunt he was so eager to hunt eggs and he had a hard time waiting. I explained to him what was going to happen that Marty was going to say 1,2,3 go and they could start hunting eggs. Well we were standing there waiting and all the sudden Silas is running out on the field and I realized that he had stood beside me and counted 1,2,3 go and he started hunting eggs. It was really cute. He was so tired Sunday, he did not want to smile for pictures. He had a great time at MaMa and Papa's.

what's up with baby:
Baby Roogles is still growing. I am 17 1/2 weeks. I think that we have settled on a girls name but are still in debate about the boys name. I had to move my fetal age ultrasound cause I will be in Chicago when the first one was scheduled. So the new one is scheduled for May 1st.

my to-do list this week:
Umm Clean! I also need to start cleaning out the middle room to make room for the baby. My parents are coming at some point to watch the kids so I can go to the Women's Retreat at RVCC.

book i’m reading:
Right now our girls group, reaL is reading the book "What's up with Boys?" by Crystal Kirgiss. I am going to try to start the book "Sin Boldly" by Cathleen Falsani.

how i’m feeling about this week:
Relaxed, i think.

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I can't wait till we go to Chicago! When is Ellie's dance recital again?