Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday, March 16, 2009

this past weekend:
Friday the youth team had a planning meeting for the upcoming Game Night. After the meeting we played a round of Hand and Foot. I love to play card games.
Saturday I went shopping with a friend. It was nice to get away. We also had the skirting on the house replaced Saturday. The house looks a lot nicer. Saturday evening we had a friend over for dinner and made egg rolls, Wontons and Chicken Fried Rice. It was so yummy!
Sunday we attended both services. I helped with Sunday School both services. Sunday afternoons have Nap written all over them and then we headed to youth.

where i am:
Sitting on the couch watching The Doctors.

what's up with Ellie:
Ellie is still taking dance on Wednesday night. She is trying to learn the dance for the recital. She is so intelligent, every day she amazes me with the questions she asks.

what's up with Silas:
Silas received a medal at the Amazing Faith Race at Church several weeks ago and he is still attached to it. I finally got him to the point where he will hang it up when he goes to bed instead of wearing it to bed. He is talking so much now but really isn't creating any sentences.

what's up with baby:
Baby is moving and growing. My last appointment the baby's heart rate was great. We are having a hard time with names. If you want to weigh in let us know your thoughts. Who knows someone may come up with something we haven't thought of.

my to-do list this week:
Work, I have Paul all week and I have to go to Chillicothe to work 2 days this week. Gather items for Game Night. I need to look deeper into a Hostel. Start getting ready for the Ruggles Downsizing yard sale. Tuesday night I have reaL. And then of course there is the usual laundry, dusting, vacuuming, mopping, washing the dog, ect...

book i’m reading:
Right now our girls group, reaL is reading the book "What's up with Boys?" by crystal Kirgiss.

how i’m feeling about this week:
umm indifferent. Tuesday I have to go work in Chillicothe. I am excited about reaL Tuesday night. Ellie has dance Wednesday night, I hope she does as well this week as she did last week. Friday I am headed back to Chillicothe to work. This weekend is the musical at the High School. I am sure we will make an appearance.


soccergirlford said...

I did not know Ellie was taking dance! Where at?

Jenn Ruggles said...

Ellie is taking Dance at Shannon's in Waverly.