Thursday, December 18, 2008

NYWC 2008 Thursday

Due to Internet and computer issues I neglected my blog for a little while but I guess now it's time to catch you all up. So I will start with the national youth Workers Convention.

Thursday we were up and at 'em pretty early. We got ready had breakfast and headed to the convention center. We walked around and checked things out and then decided to check in. We were too early, us to early yep that's us. So we headed out of the convention center and walked around the block. i wanted to venture a little further but Eli did not. I won so we ventured down the road towards the river. We had a good time. I met a woman from So. California, she was so happy and nice. Here are so pics of our adventure.

After our adventure and some lunch we headed back to the convention center. By that time we could check in ad I made my name badge and it was time to head to HERstory.

The opening Session of HERstory was given by Jeanne Stevens. She talked about how God had decided that it would be good for me to be a woman. And how we need to be the women that God created us to be.

The first breakout session I went to was given by Shauna Nequiest. I was really pumped about this after reading her book Cold Tangerines. We had an intimate conversation about our bodies our girls bodies and what's going on in our heads and how to deal with it all. I learned that we need to learn to be okay with the way God has made us and demonstrate that to the girls around us. Afterwards I had the opportunity to chat with her and get her to sign my book.

There was a Question and Answer Dessert session in the evening. I t was neat how they did it. most of the questions we centered around being single and in a ministry role and how to handle that. But then several of the questions dealt with how to manage having kids and being in the ministry, where's the balance? It was really good. it was also great to hear that there were other women in the room going thru some of the same things I was.
Later that evening there was a concert given by Kendall Payne and Amena Brown.

I am sure the concert was amazing. I stayed for a little bit and what I heard was awesome! For some reason I wasn't feeling good at all. I had nausea, had a headache, ect... So I left, thinking I would go lay down. No, after I left my headache went away, hmmmm. I ended up at the late night with The Johnny Parks Band and Robbie Seay. It was good.

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