Monday, November 3, 2008

Weekend wrap up

It has been a busy weekend.

Eli attended the National Youth Workers Convention with his company, they had a booth on the show floor.

The kids and I decided to do Halloween in Waverly. I had a wonderful friend that came to help me with the kids. Our Friday started out with a bang. At around 3:30AM Silas woke me up and he didn't go back to sleep until about 5AM when I decided to try getting his pillow and blanket. My alarm was set for 6AM, I guess I turned it off. All I know is that I was having a weird dream and cracked open my eyes to see if it was real and it was light out. Let's just say the first words out of my mouth were well paniced. Our day was quite rushed. We had to pick up Paul, go do laundry, take Ellie to the dentist and get ready for halloween festivites.

After some emergency wig help we were ready for trick or treating. Silas was such a trooper, he walked a long way. The Diva in Ellie came out in full force. We made our rounds and then headed to the Rittenour home to say hey. Then it was time to head to get a spot for the parade. We got their in good time and had great seats. Once the parade started these two grown women came and stood right in front of Ellie. Then as Ellie tried to get candy they took it right out of her hand. Now I know I can go buy candy at WalMart no biggie. But she didn't understand why they were doing that and I'm not sure I did either. She couldn't see anything and I was already holding Silas. I had Parent rage! How dare someone stand in front of her and then take something right out of her hand. I know, I know love them. It was just hard to handle by myself with two kids. Let me say the positive note about the parade- THE BAND WAS AWESOME!!!!!! You guys rocked. It was so fun to watch them having fun while they were playing and dancing. So after the parade we went to Fred's for some good eats. I believe that was the first meal I had all day so it was quite tasty.

The evening ended with great conversation and watching Police Academy.

Saturday morning we headed to my mom and dad's. We hung out for a while went shopping and had dinner with my brother and his son. Roast and Dumplings, my favorite thanks Mom.

Sunday we went to Sunday School and church. I have lots of thoughts and things I am digesting that I might share at some point from church. After Church we headed to Panera bread. I really like that place and the kids do to. Then it was home for a nap and relaxing. We got home last night and just relaxed.

Today was a pretty good day.

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