Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Have you seen this yet?

It's sad that things have gone so far.

You can read the story here.

After reading this article I wasn't angry I think I hurt. Why attack one of our special holidays. Why can't people say Merry Christmas if they want to. We, the USA , have a wide variety of backgrounds in our country. We have many holidays on our calendar. They are not all holidays that I celebrate and that's ok. We are a nation of many religions and they all have their different celebrations. Maybe I am sheltered but I don't remember there ever being protesting the celebration of any of them except recently Christmas and Halloween. It seems like in the past 10 years Christmas has been attacked more and more every year.

Why can't we just celebrate the birth of Jesus.

Is it because we as Christians think that everyone should celebrate our holiday. How can we expect someone who does not believe in Jesus to celebrate Christmas the way we do. Or how do we expect Christmas to have the same meaning for them as it does for followers of Christ. It seems as if we expect them to nod and go along with us pretending they believe.

As for myself, a Christ follower, I have to ask:

Why do we have Christmas?

Why did the celebration of Christmas start?

Is it simply a time to buy family, friends, and all the significant people in our lives gifts?

Don't we get caught up in trying to out do each other, I do.

Don't get me wrong, I love to give someone something they want or like. And yes I like to get things, don't we all.

But why has this become the focus of Christmas.

Why have I let this stress of gift giving overcome me.


I can't imagine being a virgin and a an angel coming to me telling me I have the Son of God in my womb.

I can't imagine feeling the fear Mary must have felt knowing what would happen if word got out around town.

I can't imagine traveling on a donkey while pregnant.

I cannot imagine giving birth in a stable.

I cannot imagine the weight on my shoulders raising the Son of God.

I also can't imagine expecting anyone who does not believe in Christ to be able to understand these feelings.

Just thinking of all the emotions she went through is enough.

I want to celebrate the miraculous birth of the Son of God.

I want to keep things in focus this year.

Yes I will still buy my loved ones gifts. But I don't want the gift giving to be what shows them I love them. I want to spend time with them, listen, share and love them.

And I guess on the above issue brought to my attention via facebook. I just have to show them love. I refuse to argue about this. How will others ever see Jesus if I argue with them and I don't love them. I am not condoning the ads and I do not like them at all. All I am saying is that there are people out their who don't see Christmas the way we as Christ followers do. It's just sad that it has come so far. And there is actually arguing over Christmas.

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valerie said...

mmm preach it sista =)
i'm with you on this one