Friday, July 11, 2008

time passes on

it has been a while, i know. 

i haven't blogged since before our mission trip to canada.  so much has been going on and life has been so crazy lately.

we left for canada on the 15th and were back in waverly on the 21st.  i have so many stories that i would love to share.   let me give you a brief desciption of my feelings from day today.

Sunday-long tiring drive.  the evening was ended with disappointment and frustration.

Monday-the day started with hesitation.  as we arrived at our work site there was much intimidation.  lunch brought connection, laughter and joy.  the evening was met with eagerness and was ended with emminse compassion.

Tuesday-the day started with eagerness and joy but was soon met with uncomfortableness.  i ended the day with frustration. 

Wednesday-a new work site brought intimidation again and yet eagerness at the same time.  the afternoon ended with compassion, love and JOY!  the evening was full of fun, laughter and bonding.

Thursday-the day started with excitement!  the excitment continued through the afternoon.  today was full of so many different emotions.  i experienced joy, love, confidence, compassion, sorrow, contentment, peace, and grief.  today was full of bonding with one another and with the wonderful people we met there.  the day ended with some more bonding.  and the bonding continued into the wee small hours of the morning.

Friday-exhaustion over ruled all emotions today.  but the day was full of fun, fascination, histeria, bonding and compassion.

Saturday-exhaustion, loneliness, pain, fascination, and yes again, exhaustion.

it was a great trip!  it was a life changing trip!!!!   if you want stories i have plenty just let me know.  if you want to see pics i have over 3,000. 

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