Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Jenn's 101

This is a list of 101 things I would like to do. A friend blogged this a while back and I have been muling over it ever since. It's a great way to put down all those things in your heart and mind that you want to do.
Supposedly you are to do the 101 things in a matter of 1001 days. I am sure that some of mine will take longer but we will see. I will update as I cross one of the items off the list.

Thanks Cassidy for the idea.

1. loose 100 lbs.
2. start my own business
3. a girls weekend in Chicago
4. move to a house that feels like a home
5. get a flash for my camera
6. get a new lens for my camera
7. workout at least every other day if not every day.
8. get caught up on my scrapbooking
9. buy a new mattress
10. see the Northern Lights
11. buy a wii fit
12. see a Broadway show in NYC with Eli
13. girls night once a month
14. San Fransisco
15. have a family photo shoot with Jaki Good
16. purchase a mac book air
17. Visit Europe again
18. Toronto, CN to visit St. Jude's
19. change my last name on my social security card
20. Mission trip to love on the gypsies in Europe
21. Seattle, Washington
22. go to Virginia Beach to visit my friend Cindy
23. make a dress for Ellie
24. Maine
25. Vermont
26. New Hampshire
27. let my hair grow long
28. Disney World with the Family
29. sit in a tiny romantic restaurant in Italy with Eli while enjoy a glass of wine from the region.
30. attend the National Youth Workers pre-conference HerStory
31. see Shane and Shane in concert
32. organize my life
33. get a daily routine together
34. decide whether to send Ellie to preschool or not.
35. bake more
36. enhance my list of dishes to make for dinner
37. attend a swimming event at the Olympics
38. join the YMCA
39. stop holding my emotions in
40. go to a big city to love on homeless people
41. give a talk on an Emmaus team
42. make my own documentary
43. let go of a haunting dream
44. design my own website
45. Nashville, TN
46. massage therapy school
47. be on a Chrysalis team
48. get a long haired, chocolate, daschund
49. learn to ballroom dance
50. learn to swing dance
51. be recognized for a photo I have taken
52. purchase the book that my poem was published in.
53. swim in the ocean anxiety free
54. wear clothing from Title Nine
55. have a reason to go out wearing heels (and a wedding doesn't count)
56. purchase a beehive pizza oven
57. DCB in concert
58. meet Micheal W. Smith
59. bleach my teeth
60. visit little shops in Paris
61. more kids???
62. own the Thomas Kinkade of his studio, we were there.
63. zoombezi bay
64. read a book a month
65. be happy and content with ME
66. get a pedicure
67. get photoshop
68. learn how to use photoshop
69. be able to create conversations with people I don't really know
70. visit Eli's grandparents more
71. love on people like Jesus would
72. plant a garden
73. have a flower bed with all my favorite flowers
74. make my own tree skirt for our Christmas tree
75. buy an old piece of furniture and fix it up
76. go to an Ohio State/Michigan game
77. get contacts
78. wear more jewelry
79. go to a hockey game
80. attend a post secret event
81. visit a Nazi concentration camp and see where Anne Frank hid.
82. enhance my cake making skills
83. learn how to make good sugar cookies
84. get a new he washer and matching dryer
85. eat at restaurants that Rachel Ray recommends
86. start making my own pasta
87. get a edge pan for lasagna and brownies
88. learn to knit
89. do more cross stitching
90. do more embroidery
91. take a cruise
92. a Vera Bradley Libby in the Puccini print
93. volunteer at the local mrdd
94. over come my fear of touching raw meat when cooking
95. have my own work space
96. swim with dolphins and manatees
97. own a treadmill
98. become a better friend
99. become a better wife
100. become a better mom
101. become a better friend

Sorry I forgot to add the what is this list paragraph this morning.


Sarah said...

This is great. I want to make a list. Strange enough I think my list would include some of the same things. Maybe we should get together and accomplish a few things! : )

jaki good said...

i love you jenn!