Thursday, November 15, 2007

we are here

Wow what a drive. it was quite a drive. 10 1/2 hours including stops in the pouring rain. 10 1/2 hours of the alphabet game, i think we hit every topic possible. it rained the entire way down until we hit the Georgia line and then nothing. once we hit lexington our trip was accompanied by lightning the rest of the trip. it was amazing, at time the lightning was so bright it looked like daylight. i drove till we got to knoxville. where we stopped at target to get somethings we needed and just to walk a little bit. then eli took over the driving. wouldn't you know not long after he took over the driving it stopped raining. as we drove into atlanta, after dark, the view was amazing. marty and jens motel is cool and was neat at night all lit up. the city at night is beautiful. i can't wait to experience it during the day. before we left i did some resteraunt research and so as we were driving the streets and i saw the resteraunts i felt like i kind of had a grasp on where we were. so we get to the motel, check in, and we have to drive around back to park. there are doors in the back to enterance the motel from the parking lot. as we are trying to find a place to park we see the entrance doors and try to find a parking space close. at the entrance doors there stands a woman. eli and i figure she was a lady of the night, and i don't mean bat woman. by the time we unloaded and headed for the doors she was gone. so we make our way to our room and settled for the night. a little tv, "dirty sexy money" and the news and then it was off to sleep. so it's morning and i was awake at 5:30, thank you silas. so at about 7 i decided i had enough trying to go back to sleep and it's time to get up. so to my favorite part of the day, the today show and breakfast.

check out eli's blog he actually has a map of our drive, and they say my blog is genius.

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