Tuesday, November 20, 2007


well monday morning was hectic trying to get pack and checked out and to the convention center by 9 but we did it. the seminar i went to this mornign was called "from the youth room to the dorm room." it was good, she went over a lot of stuff i know but didn't really give a lot of ideas as how to help your kids to make the transition. while i was in the seminar eli got seats for the general session. lost and found and the skit guys performed and steve fee played. marko gave the talk, although there were a few hiccups with audio the talk was very good. and i don't the hiccups affect the talk as much as marko may be afraid it did. most of us had seen the clips he was going to show so that helped. well we left the convention center set out to find lost and founds brick in centinnal park before we headed to the car. we found it with the help of two other girls. once in the car eli and i decide to check out the chocolate bar but once we got there it was closed, bummer. so instead we ate lunch at a place called tossed, it was very good. they do a create your own salad and then they have salads on the menu along with melts and wraps. when we finished we headed home. we ate dinner in knoxville at 9 last night. after being at the conference and hearing the founder of chick-fil-a speak we decide to eat there, it was yummy. the last hour and half of the trip was hard but we made it home at like 12:45AM. needless to say we slept in today.

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