Monday, October 8, 2007

Toby Mac

eli and i along with the other youth leaders took the youth to see toby mac sunday in grove city. i enjoyed it a lot. barlow girl opened for toby mac, i thought they were a little loud. you couldn't really understand them on most of their songs. toby mac was awesome. eli hates toby mac with the exception of the song irene. so he and steve went and had coffee during the concert. mason was making fun of me because i was singing along with toby mac. oh well to each his own i like toby mac. he preformed jesus freak and in the light. oh how i miss dc talk. they were a great band.
so after the concert i was taking chloe to find a band aid. chloe and elizabeth were right against the stage so in all the jumping some stepped on chloe's foot and bused her blister. anyways, i suddenly hear someone screaming (oh i can't believe i am about to say this) jenny rodgers, jenny rodgers, over and over. (i don't like the name jenny for my self) so i turn around hmmm this guy comes walking up to me and starts talking like we are long lost best friends. hmmmm i didn't recognize him! there is one person that it may have been that i used to go to church with but i don't think the bone structure in his face was the same. i dunno he obviously knew and remembered me. how weird!
anywho, it was a great concert! i was a little disappointed that toby mac didn't climb up and do flips off the speakers like i have seen him do before. oh well.
but i think the best part of the evening was the ride home. we had some great conversations in the van. i drove and i have jenny taylor, sarah cornish, baily deiner, chloe nickel, and elizabeth ryan. i am so glad that those gals were in my vehicle and we had a chance to connect and get to know one another better. we really had a chance to discuss some interesting topics and we got a glimpse of one another's heart. thanks girls for being open and willing to share yourselves with me. i had fun. we must talk again. maybe we need to take another drive and go shopping or another concert, you guys decide i'll drive.


Roogles said...

I don't hate TobyMac. ( and Irene just happens to be one of the songs I know he ALWAYS does... )

I think my tastes have just changed sufficiently that I would much prefer a hot cuppa-coffee and some normal conversation to a 42 year old hip-hop rapper.

Much love to the Mac, I'm just getting too old for this stuff :)

T5Guy said...

I sat there anxiously awaiting....while i waited I attempted to not embarrass my wife and my kids. I knew it was had to be...i could hardly contain myself. I could feel it. I could not longer sit, I had to stand in anticipation....then it boy Toby....he yelled those words I had waited all evening to hear...."WHAT WOULD PEOPLE THINK IF THEY KNEW I AM A JESUS FREAK.... I must is required..and i allowed the jumping to commence. The day that happens at RVCC...that will be an amazing day!

lauratiu said...

The rides home are always my favorite part too! Our RVCC kids have such great hearts and it's wonderful to play a little part in filling them.

Did you ever figure out who your mystery friend was?

theviolinist said...

the Mac was way better than i expected him to be...barlowgirl was rockin' much harder than i expected...but both were great! just how do drummers sing lead? amazing that she could pull it off! i think jordan should try it on sunday...:)