Monday, October 1, 2007

9 months and 3 years

they are so beautiful! i know i am partial cause i am the mamma but just look at them. don't get me wrong i know there are other beautiful kids too. i know sometimes i get frustrated but i do love them bunches. i think my frustration comes from not knowing what to do for silas. ellie was so very different. she didn't complain about a thing. she rarely cried about anything, from getting teeth to falling down stairs. silas on the other hand cries and screams all the time. from running out of food at dinner to me walking out of the room. wow how different they are, how wonderful they are. ellie is so nurturing and loving. silas is so cuddly and on the go. ellie loves babies and using her imagination. silas loves cars and trains. ellie crawled at 9 months and silas crawled at 5 months. i found ellie's first tooth when she was 9 1/2 months. silas very loudly announced the coming of his first tooth at 7 months. ellie is just a neck and a head taller than silas. ellie weighs 30.5 lbs. and silas weighs 19 lbs. at 9 months ellie weighed 14 lbs. wow how different and yet how wonderful. it's funny how quickly silas is catching her in size. ellie started sleeping through the night at 3 weeks. silas on the other hand is still not sleeping through the night. i will give him credit though he sleep till 5:20 this morning, yeah!!!!!!!! yesterday silas had his top two teeth break through. that was not fun!!!!! it's amazing how differently God has made them, how wonderful!


Sarah said...

I love the new layout! Yeah Silas and his new teeth!

jodi said...

i've always said, you and eli make pretty babies. better starting working on #3! heeheehee!!!!