Saturday, September 1, 2007

'cause julie pekkala taught me to.

we are sitting at home watching the bucks beat youngstown. silas is walking around the house in his walker, talking and rolling his toungue. ellie is playing. next thing i know ellie has silas cornered and she is spitting in his face. i said ellie why are you doing that and i got the reponse "'cause julie pekkala taught me too." ha, ha, i can't tell you home many times i get that response. it's like julie is her imaginary friend that teaches her to do things she isn't supposed to do. ellie loves julie and talks about her all the time. i am sure among all the things that julie does teach ellie it's not to spit in silas' face.


julie p said...

OH, MY...this is hilarious. this little angel and i must have a heart to heart discussion at church tomorrow. gotta love it!

Sarah said...

Yeah you gota watch that Julie she is a spitter! You are going to have to have a talk with her! That Julie she just passes herself off as Ellie has shown us the truth! j/k lol!

lauratiu said...

You know, I've used that excuse before myself. Ellie is wise beyond her years.