Tuesday, August 21, 2007

mom's always right

have i lost my mind? why can't i keep it all together? it really shouldn't be that hard to handle things. but for some reason i am failing. i can't remember birthdays, anniversaries, parties i have been invited to, where i put things, ect... maybe my mom is right maybe i am just a horriable, lazy person who only cares about herself. i should be able to remember dates and send people cards or get gifts. i should be able to remember my sister-in-laws bridal shower. i should be able to handle my kids, my housework, my job, and the other things i have to do. why can't i? who knows maybe mom's right. i think today i am going to make a daily schedule and try to stick to it and maybe i can get life in order. so i don't feel like i am falling in the black hole. i need to try harder.


Sarah said...

Hey! Breath! You are not worthless. You just need to think and get it all together. It happens to the best of us : )

lauren. said...

you are not horrible...or lazy....and def. do not think only think of yourself.

i love you.

lauratiu said...

Should have, would have and could haves are all around us. There seems to be a lot of pressure in our society to be perfect, or nearly so. I think we have all felt that we've fallen short of lofty goals. I used to stress out about this too. "Oh, I didn't get Christmas cards out this year, I should have." The guilt always makes you feel so bad, so I'm trying a different approach. I'm embracing my weaknesses. No, I don't like to talk on the phone and I don't call, but I'm a good friend and I will be there when you need me. No, I'm not always patient or kind, but I give great hugs. God has given you some special gifts. So what if it's not organization or a great memory. You are respected, appreciated and loved.