Thursday, April 26, 2007

This book has got me.

Okay so back to the book. The guy was talking about a service at the mission that was mandatory before dinner.

'Late one evening, after yet another sermon about hell, an old man came up to me. He walked with a bad limp, had leaves stuck in his matted hair, and reeked of sweat and alcohol. He paused for a minute, swaying gently back and forth, then looked straight at me. "I thought Jesus talked about love!" he blurted. "He did," I answered with a sigh. "Huh," he replied, perhaps a little reassured. Then his demeanor changed. "You know what really pisses me off?" he exclaimed, turning to shake his fist back at the stage. "That guy probably lives in a nice house and drives a nice car and has a nice life!" Last night I slept next to a dumpster that smelled like urine! And he's gonna tell me about weeping and gnashing of teeth?" With that he stormed off to dinner.'

Sometimes we don't think when we are trying to express our faith with those who may not believe. I need to stop and look at their circumstances before I act. I am hoping to go back to Chicago. Eli and I were talking about taking a vacation there. Maybe when Silas is not so dependent upon me we can take off and go. While we are there I don't just want to go on vacation I want to reach out to the people we see along the streets. Buy them food take them sandwhiches. Talk to them and just treat them like humans.

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daisyrockgirl said...

hey jenn i think we should have a cookout and play the wii. we could invite anna and jord