Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I am actually reading a book.

I started reading a book on Saturday. It is Tuesday and I am almost finished. Wow, that's big for me. The book is "Under the Overpass A Journey of Faith on the streets of America" by Mike Yankoski. This book is great, it makes me wish we lived somewhere that had a homeless problem so that I could do something to help them. I can remember growing up that I always wanted to go to a big city and buy a building and fix it up and let homeless people live there while they got a job and tried to get back on their feet. One day someone hardered my heart a bit to homeless people when they let me in on a little secret. Not all homeless are really homeless. There are people out there who pretend to be homeless to amke money. They feed on our compassion. In this book there is a story about a rumor they had heard on the streets. There was man who was nicknamed Faather Fraud. He was rumored to drive a Lexus andlive outside the city in a nice home. Every night he came downtown in old boots and an old coat to beg with a Campbell's soup can. He is said to make ninety thousand tax free dollars a year. How sad, so how do you know who to help? I guess through reading this book I realized that everyone needs the love of Jesus. It's not my job to judge peoople just to show Christ's love. He will take care of the ones who are not who they say they are. But we still have to be wise. Some people will take you for all you have and a bag of chips. I have so much more from this book to blog about so bear with me.


Tersie said...

Sounds like a really good book, Jenn. I also have a soft heart for the homeless. When I worked at the newspaper, there was a man who always happened to be in the parking lot when I went to lunch. A few times a week, he'd ask me for money for lunch. People told me I should stop giving him money because he likely just used it for drugs. But what if he was really hungry? How can you tell? The answer was to carry gift certificates to McD's or someplace so that he had to use it on food. Sadly, not long after that, he stopped asking for money, so likely he was using it as they had suggested. Or maybe he found help somewhere. I hope it is the latter. I can't wait to read more on your blog about the book. :)

daisyrockgirl said...

I made blogs!!