Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Okay don't get me wrong I love winter, I love snow. But these cold temps are not fun! I love the sound of snow falling, Peaceful! I love the sound of snow under your feet as you walk along. I love how beautiful the trees are when the snow falls on thier branches and lays there covering them in a white blanket. I am so glad that Ellie and I were able to play in the snow atleast once. And Ellie had the opportunity to go ice skating this year for the first time, she loved it. I think that having an infant has made me want spring to come much sooner than it is going to.

We didn't get to go to the concert last night, due to the weather. It was very yucky yesterday. I took Eli to work and then tried to make it to work myself. I made my approach to Kern Lane and floored it and well lets just say that I didn't even make it half way up the Lane, so no work for me. So i went to Marty and Jens and waited till Eli got off work. Eli got off at 1 and we headed home. We had a nice day and evening together.

This morning we got packed up, got the ice off the car and got ready to leave. The car would not budge! We are stuck at home and cannot get the car to move. My guess is unless we do something soon to get it out we will be stuck tomorrow too. Oh well, it's nice to be stranded at home. Oh wait real world, we both have to work tomorrow and have 5 different activities planned for the night. We shall see what tomorrow holds.

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