Sunday, February 11, 2007

Mike Deiner is going down!

Today was a busy end to a very busy weekend. Worship this morning was awesome! I was able to sit and type Steve's agape letter while Marty was playing. Worship was over and it was time for plugs. Thats when it happened, I hear my name being called from the front, Jenn Ruggles come on up. Let me tell you there was no warning before church that I was going to be called up, just come on up! I don't like to get up infront of the church. I immediatly started sweating and when I sat down I began to shake. So any suggestions on how to get Mike Deiner back, other than forking his yard, Just kidding!

We went to the Emmaus closing this evening. It seems like all the men had a good time. Paul Goshorn was the Spiritual Director for the weekend. He was leading us in communion at the end of the closing and it dawned on me that it was the last time that Paul will probably do that in our Community, How sad! Paul and Lisa have been so important to the Emmaus and Chrysalis, they will be greatly missed. They are such wonderful people, No one can fill their shoes, they are very special. I Love you Paul and Lisa and will miss you when you leave.

Well the Little Man screams so I must go take car of his needs.


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theviolinist said...

Looks like you have an ally in Anna...he called her up second service...since you conveniently disappeared...:)